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Swap Meet 2020 - Advertising

3,125.00 SEK

Showcase your business every few minutes on a large LED screen on the entrance floor at our event.

With hundreds of people walking in and out, here's a golden opportunity to advertise your brand. A limited amount of brands will be featured on a 7m² LED screen with their favorite video/picture being broadcasted every few minutes throughout the entire event.

How does it work? 

Simple, purchase this product and wait. We'll get back to you with instructions and questions on preferences. In the mean time, prepare a video or a picture you'd like to use. 

Need help?

If you have multiple photos and information but not sure how you'd like to set it up, we can put together a reel of photos with text overlays instead of a video. If that's the case, pick the option with +Editing. In this case, we'll also get back to you with instructions and questions aswell as to acquire all the necessary information for your advertising.

Something special?

We're adjustable, contact us at if you have a suggestion and we'll give you a quotation. We'll work something out.