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Our Story

We are small Stockholm-based, privately owned company that truly cares about it's customers. Our story began on the summer of 2017 with a pair of triple white reflective NMD's.


We decided to step up our game and open an online store, allowing us to deliver more amazing streetwear to those passionate about it. We invested everything that we had in the store, working around the clock to give our customers the best in global attire.


This store is not like every other out there on the market. We guarantee you that this is not only a store, but the life story of a young married couple who are building a legacy and giving their best by sharing a passion for sneakers and streetwear with the world.


Our idea is to make this store your second home, your sanctuary where you can fulfil all your fashion needs. This store is a labor of love, but we truly love what we do.


Our main goal is to create a movement that every customer is part of, a family that has great energy and that looks after its customers, both before and after purchases.


So welcome - let's build a legacy together!


Yours sincerely,


Hypestein Team.